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17 Mar

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brother XL 2600: stitches

27 Sep

i did a “test run” for all the 25 stitches on my sewing machine. for some stitches i tried different stitch length and width.

also i named my sewing machine “bordeaux” ;). and yes, jens, it’s a “he”! 😉

sanne’s closet: blouses

26 Aug

i will also be sharing some of the items i have hanging in my closet. one of my favourite pieces of clothing to buy and wear are “blouses”. i like the fabric, the fact that it’s usually tailored, when it has buttons. i like that it looks “chique” and you can wear it to an oral examination, but it also looks cute and feminine and you can wear it to dinenr ir casually with jeans. i particulary love blouses with flowery patterns and lace details.

here are some blouses hanging in my closet. mind that some of them aren’t ironed ;). almost all of these are from h&m.

ally mcbeal

25 Aug

i love the tv show “ally mcbeal”. i’ve aways thought that i’m a lot like ally. as for the fashion, i really like what the character nelle wears (played by portia de rossi), but i couldn’t find good screenshots of her in character.

as for ally, in the first seasons she always wears those lawyer suits with the short skirts. i don’t particulary like those. i do like the outfits where she wears flowery or colourful blouses and a one colour pant or skirt under it. i also like the way ally dresses in her “free time”: usually a jeans and a cute top or sweater. again, i couldn’t find many screenshots, but here are some that i did find of cute outfits:

(source screenshots:

dresses from american apparel

23 Aug

my favourite store to get dresses is american apparel. this has several reasons:
– they have the best online shop EVER. you can browse so easily, it has lots of pics, even video’s of different ways to wear the clothing, you can order online, they deliver to belgium with low shipping costs.
– they have one store in belgium and it’s in antwerp, right around the corner from where i live :D.
– it’s not very expensive. it’s more expensive than, say, h&m, but it’s not unreasonably priced.
– it’s good quality.
– i like their style: it’s all very basic (usually without a print), and every piece of clothing comes in many different colours. in h&m i often find that the dresses are too short for me (lentgh: right under the ass), whereas with american apparel they are the exact lentgh i want: a bit above the knee.

these are the dresses i have from american apparel (in the colours i have them in):

some of them are a bit tight (numbers 3 and 7) so i don’t wear those a lot because i’m a little uncomfortable. also, when you buy at american apprel, note that sometimes the material is very thin, so it can be see through if you buy it in a light colour. out of the ones i have, my favourites are: the bandeau dress (number 2, can be worn in a million different ways, a lot of fun), the leisure dress (4) and the wrap dress (8).

(source pics:


22 Aug

minnetonka’s is a brand of moccasins, they are super pretty indian-looking shoes of great quality and not very expensive. there are many kinds of minnetonka’s, but i mostly like the ones kate moss wears (the low and high variety in black and brown), not the over-frilly ones. i first spotted minnetonka’s many years ago when kate moss started wearing them with every outfit. later on other celebs like nicole richie, hilary duff, mischa barton and rachel bilson started wearing them as well (though the last two i’ve only seen wearing the somewhat over the top minnetonka boots that i don’t like).

then about two years ago, i finally ordered my own pair of minnetonka’s on ( in black suede). ever since then they have been my favourite pair of shoes: they are so well made, it’s like walking on clouds. they’ve been through rain, snow, mud, and they still look and feel great. i love wearing them over skinny jeans, under a skirt or dress or pair of shorts with bare legs or over a pair of black tights. i like them so much that i’m hoping on buying the same pair in brown suede when i can spare the money ( in brown suede). i also bought another pair of minnetonka’s because i was so satisfied: low brown suede moccasins ( they are also supercomfortable and cute onder pants or a dress.

buffy the vampire slayer (buffy, season 7)

21 Aug

just like almost everything else in “buffy the vampire slayer”, the fashion of the series is unique and daring.

each character has his or her own own clothing style and they’re always original and often trend setting. the style they gave buffy didn’t always please me, in the sense that i wouldn’t dress that way (the leather outfits for instance). i did, however, always like the coats and jackets she wears (i might do an entry on this in the future). today i chose to focus on something else from the buffy-fashion universe: the blouses buffy wears in season 7 (especially the beginning of this season). i took some screencaps of my favourites, so enjoy!

(source screencaps: buffy dvd box season 7)

ps: i might do a buffy-fashion special on the character of anya as well!